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Friends Only

LiveJournal has two security settings which I use frequently; "Friends Only" and "Public". "Friends Only" posts are viewable only to LiveJournal users on my "Friends" list. "Public" posts are viewable by anyone who wishes to read them, regardless of whether they have a LiveJournal account or not. If, for some inexplicable reason, you are a LiveJournal member and would like to read my ill-formed nattering about a number of random topics, please leave a comment to this post telling me a little about yourself. If our interests mesh and you seem like a nice person, I’ll add you to my "Friends" list.

If you are looking for my food blog, The Epicurious Wanderer, I've moved it to Blogspot. After looking at the length of my first post, and trying to spoof some of Blogspot's functionality in Livejournal, I decided that it would be easier (and more considerate to my LJ friends) if I separated the two. Please go to to read my restaurant reviews.

As an important side note, I would like to make clear that I am not the same Chubbypanda at any of the following sites:
These are all different people and, oddly enough, all young women of college age. For the record, I’m male and graduated from college many many moons ago. I’ve had this LiveJournal account since March of 2004.
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